Geraint Williams | 4th May 2019

Went to see Victoria 2 months before the London marathon for some nutrition tips too hopefully push me to the next level. She pointed out a few key things that were missing from my diet completely + added a few things that would improve my performance. Also give me advice on pre and during race nutrition/hydration. These things went along way to my massive PB in London (2.38) and I would highly recommend as this advice stay with you forever!


Mark Thomas |Head Coach Rhondda Triathlon Club |24th April 2019

Well presented evening highly recommend look forward to next Workshop Victoria’s style of presentation was Fantastic information kept everyone interested throughout talk
Many Thanks

Matt Rogerson | 27th January 2019

So thorough and thoughtful. Excellent follow ups too when she happens across a new recipe etc that she thinks will suit you. Thoroughly recommended.

Lee Saunders | 10th September 2018

Thank you very much for taking time to help me with my nutritional plan for the Ironman yesterday. The plan and guide you made for me to follow was nice and easy and fitted into my day to day work life without any hassle.

I found out on the bike that the tips you gave me to follow really helped me compared to before I meet you and just ate and went out on the bike and had no energy. I was really surprised by how much more I was able to push my self So thank you very much.


Karen Hanby-Charles | 3rd September 2018

Cannot thank Victoria enough for her advice about nutrition for me to be able to run an ultra marathon. 

Learnt loads about the importance of carbohydrate intake and essential proteins.

Nothing was too much trouble regular messages and support asking how I was getting on. 

No fad diets. All real food. Advice which I will carry on following. 
At times we think we are tired from overtraining but maybe we need to look at our diet. Victoria worked out my macronutrients and I was way off. 
Beautiful lady inside and out. 


Noelwyn Daniel – Healthy Life Activities 2nd January 2018
Cadeirydd | Chairman

My triathlon career started back in June 1989 and I have been fortunate enough to compete every year since. The sport has seen some significant changes over the years in kit, technique and our general approach to the way we train and race. In 2017 my main focus was Ironman Switzerland in July and having just turned 50 I decided it was time to sort out my training and racing diet. This was my 7th Ironman race and at each of my previous Ironman races I had at some point during the race come off the rails. This would normally happen during the last 20 miles on the bike and I would often start the run feeling empty or sick. In 2005 at Ironman UK I began to feel unwell during the latter stages of the bike and within two miles on the run I was violently sick and walked most of the marathon – Overdosed on gels was the consensus of opinion!

I linked up with Vic back in early 2017 as she was studying for her Post Graduate Masters in Sport and Exercise Performance Nutrition and needed a ‘Case Study’.  My diet could be described as limited having been a very fussy eater as a child and I have always viewed food as a means to an end i.e fuel to keep me going. I kept a very detailed diet and training log sheet over a one week period which Vic then analysed. I was pleased to learn that although my diet was limited, it was on the whole a very healthy diet that would need some fine tuning rather than a complete overhaul. The fine tuning was to make sure that my diet would provide me with the required percentages of daily carbohydrates, fat and protein required by an athlete training for an endurance event like an Ironman. Vic worked with me to establish which foods I liked and was able to integrate into my daily diet.

The second element of the analysis was my Race Day/Training Session nutritional intake. This is where I was falling woefully short and a clear structured approach was required rather than the ‘hit or miss’ approach often taken during races. My body fluid loss during bike training rides was calculated and together with my weight and height details, Vic was able to construct a detailed diet for me to follow for every swim/bike and run training session in the lead up to race day.  I knew exactly what and how much to eat and drink every hour and this would be replicated on Race Day. In the months leading up to race day I was therefore also training my gut to consume 90g of carbs per hour – this was not something I had previously done in my preparation for an Ironman and on race day I would then expect my body to consume all these carbs!!

Vic also ensured that my diet 48hrs prior to race day and race day breakfast was not left to chance. This was well thought through and contained all the essential nutrients to ensure my glycogen stores were full and that I didn’t feel bloated in any way. I came off the 112m Ironman bike course in 6hrs 15mins and felt great. My body felt as if it could take on the marathon leg of the Ironman course and at no point did I feel weak on the bike leg. Unfortunately a calf injury picked up two weeks before race day hampered my run efforts but I stuck to the nutritional plan and finished feeling tired but not depleted of energy. For the 1st time ever I was also able to stay after the race, enjoy a few pints ( not part of Vic’s nutritional plan) and watch the final athletes finish!

Despite all my years’ experience of racing triathlon events my diet had lacked focus which often led to poor performance. Being able to work with Vic on my daily diet and put in place a detailed nutritional training/racing plan diet proved invaluable and I would highly recommend this structured approach to any triathlete.


Noelwyn Daniel

Healthy Life Activities
Cadeirydd | Chairman