Maybe you’ve signed up to a big race in 2021? Perhaps you’re someone that has been doing triathlons for some time, but just wants to fine tune your nutrition/ hydration. If so these workshops are for you. As a sport’s nutritionist, the best way to optimise an athletes nutrition/ hydration is through increasing nutrition knowledge. Believe me – this is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will this workshop series improve your performance, but it will also benefit your health and wellbeing. So what are you waiting for?

Join me for a 4-week ‘Nutrition Workshop Series for Triathletes and Runners’ – start 2021 with the right focus!
This four-week online series is £99 and each live session is recorded for catch-ups or future re-watching.

*** Doors closed for my January 2021 series of workshops. ***
Please get in touch to pre-book your place in the next series, scheduled to run March / April 2021 & June / July 2021.

Over the series, we will be covering:-

Session 1 – Fuel sources
1. Fuel sources during training
2. How to balance nutrition with training – Carbohydrate periodisation, for metabolic flexibility
3. Protein – day to day and recovery
4. Micronutrients.
5. Supplementation
6. Putting together a performance plate
7. Importance of hydration

Session 2 – Fuelling and Recovery
1. How to fuel different training sessions
2. What to fuel with
3. How to balance hydration with fuel
4. Dealing with Gastro-intestinal complaints
5. Informed sport

Session 3 – Race day nutrition
1. Carbohydrate loading the facts
2. Race day breakfast and hydration
3. Race day nutrition / hydration.
Strategy – key tips

Session 4 – open nutrition Q+A
– to tackle individual queries / questions etc