Are you training for a triathlon or a keen runner, cyclist or swimmer? If so this two-hour workshop is for you!

Nutrition can be a confusing subject, there is so much conflicting information out there… How do you know what is the right advice, and how do you apply this to your day to day life? The best way to optimise an athletes nutrition and hydration is through increasing nutrition knowledge. Believe me – this is one of the best investments you can make. 

Victoria Prendiville – Sport and Exercise Performance Dietitian

As a keen runner and triathlete myself, I know how important getting your nutrition and hydration right is and how this can make all the difference in terms of performance. I am a clinical dietitian with over 19 years experience, and a SENR qualified sports and exercise performance nutritionist. I provide performance nutrition advice to recreational up to elite level athletes all over the world, in all sporting disciplines.

Nutrition for Triatheletes Workshop – Friday April 9th 2021, 7pm-9pm

In this workshop, we will be covering:

+ Macro and micro nutrients and how to achieve nutritional balance
+ Body composition – how to achieve a lean physique without feeling like devouring the contents of the fridge 😂
+ Carbohydrate periodisation – how, what and why is it the key method for metabolic flexibility and body composition
+ Hydration
+ Fuelling – when, how much and what to fuel with Recovery – the 3 R’s
+ Supplements – the good the bad and the ugly!
+ Race day planning and preparation – essential, avoid gut bombs, fatigue and other complications

I’ll be joined by Dan Holley of Panache Cycling – he will be talking about carbohydrate periodisation and balancing intake with training intensity. Panache cycling offers Individual coaching for anyone from new cyclist to established riders, and Group coaching for clubs, organisations or friends.

This is event is sponspored by Vala Energy. VALA’s ethos is underpinned by a holistic approach to exercise, which incorporates mental, physical and gut health. Their gels are Informed Sport certified, so they can be used safe in the knowledge that they’re banned substance tested.

Early Bird rate – £25 per ticket – please get in touch more information.
*** DOORS CLOSE 1ST APRIL 2021 ***