Live the HAPPIEST AND healthiest YOU

Thank you for your interest in this example meal-plan template and Recipe pack. It offers you some guidance and ideas regarding creating healthy balanced meals, as well as supporting your health and well-being.

I’ve included a resource that I use a lot with my clients – it’s called the performance meal wheel. Although this is used in the context of sport, it can be applied to anyone. The key message contained within the performance meal wheel is about balance. The meal wheel shows you the three main food groups which you should be including at every meal as well as good examples to base your meals around. It also gives you a visual representation regarding how much of  the particular food group to include on your plate.

Often enough we neglect the basics when it comes to nutrition and if you can adopt a healthy balanced approach to your nutrition you can achieve fantastic results that are sustainable. No need for quick fixes and unbalanced diets!! 

Should you want to develop this further and work with me to create bespoke meal-plans for yourself and your family moving forward please get in touch

Please note : If you have any specific allergies / intolerances some of these recipes may not be appropriate for you and you should adjust the recipe accordingly